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Evans Food Group Ltd. is a global producer of pork pellets, private label, co-packed, and branded pork rinds. Founded in 1932, our Chicago-based company has grown to be the world's leading producer of pork rinds through a commitment to product innovation and operational excellence. We offer a variety of delicious snacks including Pork Skins, Cracklins, Sancochos, and Pickled products that reach a vibrant and growing market.

Evans' Mac's brand has already become the #1 beloved brand in multi-outlet stores across the USA and our fans are loving it!

Pork Rinds - A Tasty, Hearty, and Low Carb
Salty Snack

Pork rinds are a fast growing and popular snack food that satisfies our consumers by combining a crunchy and flavorful authenticity all into a one-of-a-kind delicious treat. When compared to other salty snack foods, pork rinds have a nutritional advantage.

Pork rinds are available in different cuts and flavors to meet the demands of a global pork rind market. Evans’ pork rinds are the perfect salty snack.

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Evans Food Group provides pellets, private-label, and co-packed pork rinds to the world’s largest snack food brands. We serve distributors, retailers and ethnic food companies strategically located across the world’s markets with a strong presence in North, Central and South America. Our experience and understanding of the growing Hispanic and African-American audiences make us uniquely positioned to identify and meet an increasing demand for pork skins.

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